• Serious Game Stopping Power

  • Nosler 125gr Ballistic Tip Bullets

  • Capable of 1 MOA in Standard Military AR

  • 2170 ft/s

300 BLK Hunting 125gr Ballistic Tip (Box of 20)

300 BLK Hunting 125gr Ballistic Tip (Box of 20)


.300 BLK is a cutting edge design. Powerful .308 terminal ballistics provide serious stopping power in a compact package. Competitive advantage with hand inspected rounds and precisely metered components ensuring the utmost in accuracy. This Match round was tested to be capable of 0.75 MOA (0.75" grouping at 100 yards) in an off-the-shelf military AR cabine with a 16" barrel.

This ammunition is loaded with new brass, sealed primer, and competition grade projectiles.

  1. GOOD AMMO Review by Justin M. Mayfield, KY 03/08/2012
    Product Rating

    I only purchased one box of this hunting ammo. i wished i had purchased more. Once i was sighted in with the bulk 147s @ 100YDS it was minor adjustments for this ammo. I am running a CMMG 16" carbine gas. I have a Primary Arms 4-16/44 on top. I saw consistant 3/4"-1" 4 shot groups. This ammo is G2G in my opinion. These guys got it going on!! (Posted on 4/27/12)

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Product Specifications:


Caliber: 300 AAC Blackout
Type: Hunting
Muzzle Velocity: 2,170 ft/s
Projectile Energy: 1,343 ft-lb
Max Chamber Pressure / SAAMI: 46,000 / 55,000 psi
Test Barrel Length: 16"
Sound Level / Suppressed: 158 / 134 dB
Test Suppressor: AAC 762SD
Projectile: Nosler Ballistic Tip
Projectile Diameter: .308"
Projectile Weight: 125gr
Projectile Type: Balistic Tip Boat Tail
Projectile Length: 1.060"
Ballistic Coefficient: .188
Sectional Density: .366
Casing: PNW Arms 300 Blackout stamped Brass
Primer: CCI


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